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Russia, 193318,
St. Petersburg,
ul. Kollontay, d. 17, korp. 3, office 25N

tel./fax: (812)588-25-08


Production Media Group is one of the most dynamic producing companies in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). It is closed company that was founded by 4 colleagues in 2005.

There are 4 kinds of the PMG's products:

  • Commercials (advertising for different companies, TV or CD-presentations and so on);
  • Design;
  • Media-projects;
  • Documentaries;
  • TV-news programs for different city channels.

Now we have not so large staff to do effectively. Our team includes responsible, adventures, supportive, creative workers. Everybody shouldn't have dead-end job. But we have also 20-30 free-launch employees who participate in producing of some films or TV-programs.

We carry out permanent marketing. We take part in tenders for make big federal and regional contracts constantly. We take part in federal and regional TV-competitions to promote our brand and generate its publicity. It's very satisfying for us to get to know that PMG company won main price in the V-th Moscow festival of social advertisement.

And finally. When we discuss about our business in the long run, we try remember 3 main goals, 3 main S:

  • a stable publicity.
  • a stable growth of income;
  • a stable technical development.

Thank you very much!

General manager: Yuriy Nikolaev
Creative director: Konstantin Ivanov
Art director: Andrey Ivanov